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Article: Popular Fabrics Used in Making Indian Sarees

Popular Fabrics Used in Making Indian Sarees

Popular Fabrics Used in Making Indian Sarees

When it comes to Indian attire, sarees are one of the magnificent Indian dress that every woman is proud to wear. Rightly accentuating your cures and drenched in tradition, sarees are certainly the ideal Indian attire for any occasion.

Every Indian region has its own form of saree that is distinctive from others. Whether it is south silk cotton sarees or the Bandhej sarees from the north, every sarees are popular for its unique design, patterns, and even their draping style.

Take a look at some of the popular Indian saree types that you must be aware of:-

Silk Sarees
One of the rich looking and luxury saree fabric that gives a classy look to the sarees, silk is a popular saree fabric in India. They provide a smooth texture for the sarees and mostly have a shiny finish. There are plenty of famous sarees that are made with silk fabric. Kanjeevram silk is the best example of silk sarees. It is one of the luxurious and expensive sarees found in southern India. Some of the other models of silk sarees are Banarasi silk, Mysore silk, Art silk, Bhagalpuri silk, Tussar silk, etc.

Ideal for daily use that is bound to give a smart look, cotton is also a popular saree fabric that is famous in India. They are generally worn in summers to beat the heat in style. Over the years, there has been plenty of evolution in the cotton sarees that have made this fabric even more popular among the Indian sarees. Some of the famous Indian cotton sarees are Khadi, Mangalagiri, Kanjeevaram, Chettinad, Kotki, Chikan, etc. All these sarees got its name from the regions it came from. These sarees are typically known for their exquisite weaving pattern.

Fancy is an all-encompassing fabric that is conjointly called for all the fancy materials used in the sarees. These are the mill made fabrics that are used in making different types of sarees for different regions. Georgette, Rayon, and Chiffon are some of the standard fancy fabrics. Fancy fabric is excellent for adding unique patterns that make the sarees more beguiling and wearable. Over the past few years, the popularity of fancy materials in sarees have been increased dramatically. From affordable to expensive, you can find every type of sarees in these fabrics.

The Bottom Line
There’s no match for the magnificence a saree can give to your personality. One of the famous and beguiling Indian attire that can perfectly enhance your look and make your look more gorgeous, sarees can be preferred as an ideal attire for any occasion.

From fabrics to the draping styles and patterns, every saree has a unique quotient that makes it distinctive from others. India is a diverse country, and you can see the diversity in the sarees as well.

There are plenty of saree types in India that re unique and innovative from others. The above mentioned were some of the popular saree fabrics that make some of the beautiful Indian sarees.

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