Tips to Choose a Perfect Saree

How many times have you struggled with questions like which saree to wear or which one will suit your body type or which saree will make you look slim? These are some common and pertinent questions that can influence your buying decision.

Don't worry if your brain is inundated with these questions and more as you try to find the perfect saree for yourself. In this article, we will try to cover all the important points that will help you buy the perfect one for your event or collection.
Draping style
Did you know that the way you drape your saree will influence the way you look? If you want to look slim and tall in your saree, then you need to do it the right way to get the elegant look without making it appear clumsy. Ideally, the pleats should be tucked neatly and fall gracefully on your body.

Fabric is the key aspect that can really affect the way you look in a saree. For example, silk sarees are voluminous and look best on someone with a thin frame. So if you are eyeing South Indian Cotton Silk Sarees Online, then make sure you have the right body type to complement the look.

Big prints are beautiful but they do require caution to make them look elegant. Wearing bold and huge prints can make you look large and garish. So if you are short, then avoid wearing large patterns as they will make you look short. The safest prints are small florals that can be sported by anyone with confidence as they rarely ever go wrong. But if you are tall, broad borders and big prints may just be your thing!

Choosing the colour depends on your frame. If you have a curvy body, then you should choose dark colours to make you look slimmer. However, that is not a fast rule. Feel free to experiment with colours and pick the one that you like most.

Heavy work sarees look incredibly graceful on slim bodies. However, if you are on the heavier side, then stick to light handwork to make your body appear slimmer. A saree with too much work can make you look overweight, so choose the patterns carefully.

Blouse design
A saree is no good if you don't get an equally good blouse with it. The right blouse can make a woman look sexy and gorgeous. Consider getting one custom styled in the latest designs. Make sure that the blouse suits your body type and complements the saree style to create a coordinated look. Research some designs to see which ones goes best with the style and design of your saree.

These factors together help you envision a look you want for the occasion and helps you pick the right saree. Just remember to take your body type into account when choosing styles and designs.