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Article: Tips to Wear an Indian Saree at a Wedding

Tips to Wear an Indian Saree at a Wedding

Tips to Wear an Indian Saree at a Wedding

In India, weddings are a big deal, and they're full with tradition and life. The saree is one of the most recognizable symbols of these festivals. For weddings, many women choose this sophisticated and adaptable dress. Understanding the proper way to wear a saree will greatly enhance your comfort and overall look, whether you are a bride, a bridesmaid, or a guest. Learn how to feel beautiful and assured when wearing an Indian saree to a wedding with the help of this comprehensive tutorial.

The Indian Saree: A Comprehensive Guide

Take a look at how I can wear a saree before we get into the suggestions. A saree, draped gracefully around the body, is a lengthy piece of fabric, typically five to nine yards long. One of the saree's most endearing features is the variety of ways it may be draped to complement different body shapes and events.

The Fabric of Your Indian Saree Is Crucial to Its Comfort and Style

The choice of fabric also affects comfort and style. Silk sarees have always been the bridal dress of choice. Fabrics that exude an air of royalty include Kanjeevaram, Banarasi, and Mysore silk. But if you want something airier, try crepe, chiffon, or georgette. These materials are more pliable and have a lovely drape.

Design and Color Options

Vibrant colors and elaborate designs are most fitting for weddings. Classic bridal colors include red, maroon, and gold. A broader palette, including pastels and strong hues, is available for guests to experiment with. The saree is perfect for the formal event thanks to the festive embellishments of embroidery, zari work, and sequins.

How to wear a saree in the most elegant way for a wedding?

Begin with the Essentials: Shirt and Petticoat Set

Put on the blouse and petticoat first. Since it is the shirt that will be draped over your saree, it is important that it fits properly. Your body will be emphasized and the saree's drape will be enhanced with a blouse that fits you properly.

A Saree's Pleats and Tucks

Beginning on the right side, hold the saree horizontally and begin to tuck the plain end into the petticoat. Keep tucking it in until you've made one full turn. Make sure the saree's bottom edge reaches the floor.

Accurately Making Pleats

The next step, after tucking in the saree, is to create pleats. Make pleats that are approximately five to seven inches broad by gathering the saree at the front. Depending on the length of the saree and your comfort level, aim for five or six pleats.

The Secure Tucking of Pleats

Petticoat pleats should be tucked into the garment just to the left of the navel. Use a pin to firmly fasten them so they stay put. Doing this will guarantee that your saree will remain undamaged all through the wedding celebrations.

Refined Pallu Draping

The pallu is the embellished fringe of the saree that falls over the wearer's shoulder. Once you've fastened the pleats, gather the leftover saree about your waist, tuck it under your right arm, and drape it over your left shoulder. Ensure a graceful fall by adjusting the pallu's length to your liking.

Wedding Saree Accessorizing

Wear traditional jewelry with your saree for a complete look. Adding hefty jewelry, such as maang tikka, bangles, earrings, and necklaces, can elevate your style. Wearing jewelry that complements the color and pattern of the saree will make you look put-together and sophisticated. For a well-balanced and refined style, use jewelry in gold or silver that complements the saree's decorations.

Finding Shoes That Bring Elegance and Comfort

Pick shoes that are both fashionable and comfortable. Wearing high heels can accentuate your figure and enhance the way your saree falls. Make sure your shoes go well with your saree and the event you're attending. Comfortable options that don't skimp on flair abound, such as embroidered flats or traditional juttis.

Advice on Hairdos and Cosmetics

Pick a hairdo that will hold its own all night and look great with your saree. The most common styles include loose curls, classic buns with flowers, and sleek ponytails. Apply strong eyeliner and lipstick with an ornate saree, or a subtler look with a plain saree; the point of makeup is to bring out your best features.

Popular Wedding Saree Draping Options

Nivi Draping Design

One of the most popular ways to drape a saree is in the Nivi style. Its distinctive features include a left-shoulder-draped pallu and a beautifully pleated front. This style is loved by many brides since it is adaptable and flatters a wide range of body types.

The Art of Bengali Draping

The pallu is double-wrapped and the end falls over the right shoulder in the Bengali style, which is more loose and flowing. This style is sophisticated and brings a sense of tradition to your look.

Traditional Gujarati Draping

By draping the pallu in the Gujarati fashion toward the front as opposed to the back, one can achieve a distinctive and sophisticated appearance. For sarees with elaborate embroidery or appliques, this style is ideal since it draws attention to the pallu's exquisite patterns.

Draping in the Maharashtrian Style

The dhoti-like saree draped around the legs gives the Maharashtrian style its distinctive look and allows for more freedom of movement. This classic look is perfect for taking part in wedding ceremonies because it is both comfy and unique.


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